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Posted in Conference Info by cguenter on August 10, 2009
New teaching adventures in Second Life!

New teaching adventures in Second Life!

The MIC ’09 Conference in San Jose, CA is almost upon us. This coming Thursday, August 13, the preconference sessions and leadership meetings get under way. And then Friday the wide range of educational technology, MERLOT-using and MERLOT-musing sessions go into high gear. I am actually looking forward to many sessions at the MIC, but the ones that make me think a bit harder, consider new approaches and test my comfortable efforts are the ones that I will seek and attend. In reviewing the MERLOT program, there are three that have me thinking already. All of them deal with Second Life, two of them are offered on Friday, and one of them I am presenting with my CSU, Chico colleague and friend, Ann Steckel, on Saturday.

On Friday from 10-10:30 in the San Jose room (easy to remember), Angelyn Flowers is presenting Moving from the Classroom to the Virtual World: A Case Study of a Program’s Journey. She offers us a case study of the challenges faced by an undergraduate criminal justice program in transitioning some of its classes to the virtual world – Second Life. Case studies provide us with wisdom hard-won. I’m not in criminal justice, but I know I will learn some key points about what worked and didn’t from someone who “has been there.”

Later, on Friday afternoon as the featured session from 4-4:30 PM in the Donner Room, Jonathan Richter is showcasing the efforts of MERLOT in Second Life. Come and see what MERLOT is doing in Second Life now at The Center for Learning in Virtual Enviroments (CLIVE): a new island, a new set of MERLOT tools for virtual worlds, and new opportunities! I want and need to know what CLIVE is and how MERLOT is now engaged in this aspect.

MERLOT T-shirts available for your SL avatar!

MERLOT T-shirts available for your SL avatar!

And, last but not least, on Saturday from 1:30-3:30 PM in the San Martin Room, Ann Steckel and I offer you a hands-on option (or not) to delve into Second Life yourself with lots of peer support. Our session, You Have Your Second Life Avatar. What’s Next? was originally scheduled during the pre-conference sessions on Thursday, but was moved to Saturday afternoon so anyone could participate. Ann will be presenting via Second Life from Chico, CA. I will jump into SL as my avatar, Friday Karu, and those of you who have avatars and attend this session will join us inworld for some engaging activities that could be applied to your own teaching and learning sessions. If you do not have an avatar, you can still attend and watch the interaction inworld on the screen. (The session assumes you already have an avatar with some basic skills.)  We have made a SL MERLOT Overview book and a variety of colorful MERLOT T-shirts for your avatars. We also offer some different paths for getting started in SL along with some SL educational resources to keep you going long after MIC ’09 is over. Even though I will be presenting information, I am expecting to gain some new insights during the session. I always learn from my MERLOT peers. It is always an adventure with MERLOT and Second Life! See you soon in San Jose and inworld!

Cris Guenter (AKA Friday Karu)


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  1. janepmoore said, on August 10, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Can’t wait to get my virtual MERLOT t-Shirt!

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