MERLOT Conference 2009 – San Jose

I’m looking forward to getting Energized by MERLOT’s Creative and Collaborative Community

Posted in Conference Info by janepmoore on July 24, 2009
John Whitmer

John Whitmer

For California Community Colleges and other institutions of higher education in our state and across the country, we’re being asked to do more with less, more than ever.  We’re facing increasing student demand to help people improve their position in this economic climate, or recover from a layoff, but are receiving less resources.  Everyone is still striving to do their best, and I’m confident that we’re going to succeed through this period.

I’m looking forward to a breath of fresh air at MERLOT, where leading-edge educators are willing to share their creation, help one another, and demonstrate effective and efficient practices using online teaching and learning resources.  I first attended MERLOT in 2003, and I’ve always been struck by how much peer-to-peer collaboration takes place.  I think it’s reflective of the spirit of the MERLOT applications, which enable us to share our knowledge and resources to support one another’s work.

The conference is always energizing for me personally, and I leave with lots of great ideas and new resources (usually too many!).  I hope you’ll be able to join us this year at the conference!

John Whitmer, Director, California Virtual Campus


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