MERLOT Conference 2009 – San Jose

Wade Ellis: an Outstanding Keynote Presenter

Posted in Keynote by tahoemath on June 9, 2009

Wade Ellis

I have known Wade Ellis for over a decade and have attended almost a dozen talks that he gave at local and International conferences.  Wade is a gentle man with a powerful message.  With mathematics as MERLOT’s featured discipline this year, Wade Ellis is the perfect person to deliver a keynote address at the MIC.  He has had a long and fruitful teaching career and is a national leader in technology.  Each time there is a new movement in mathematics education, you can find Wade asking and researching the tough questions of how new technology can be implemented in a way that most effectively improves student discovery and learning.   He is a master in identifying areas where the focus is on facts and rote memorization and challenging the education community to develop technology and other pedagogical tools to deliver the content in such a way that replaces the emphasis on thoughtless absorption with new curriculum that develops exploration and problem solving skills.  It will certainly be a treat this year to attend the MIC.  Wade Ellis’ keynote address is one to look forward to.

by Larry Green


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  1. Cathy Swift said, on June 9, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    I’ve heard so much about Wade Green from a number of people. I can’t wait to hear him in person. I think he is a perfect selection for our emphasis on the Math and Statistics track. Go, Wade!

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